Welcome to my website.

I'm Adele, a glass artist based near Lincoln.

Glass has a special quality as it transmits, transforms and holds light through colour and texture. My work is made using waste window glass that would often be thrown into landfill sites. Old glass has a particular magic of its own and I enjoy using it to create something new and contemporary.







By incorporating my own artwork, photography and designs I ensure that all my items are as unique as their origins.


Have a look at my gallery pages for examples of my work and please contact me if you see something you like or have any queries. Alternatively I have many items available in my Facebook shop - www.facebook.com/ABGlassArt 

Sadly, due to the pandemic, all my events were cancelled for 2020 and many into 2021.

Galleries that stocked my work had to close too but you can now see their individual pages for full information about re-opening dates and times.

You can find and purchase many items directly from me via my Facebook shop or get in touch by emailing me on the contact page