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My Work


My work is created by kiln forming recycled glass layered with colour and design. 

Old glass can be difficult to use due to the different properties inside so I try to get the best out of each piece by adapting it accordingly.  


My designs and monochromatic photographs are fused inside, and hand painted on the surface of, the glass along with inclusions such as precious metal leaf, glass pigments and enamels which change in the extreme heat of the kiln. 


Inspiration is found all around; in the countryside, the city, the coast or even just in my back garden. I enjoy old, unwanted items too which are blended with nature in my work when referencing items such as broken clocks or vintage books with intriguing titles. 

When not in my workshop, or working on designs, I am often out finding new ideas with my sketch book and camera. My techniques often take a long time to process and each item takes several firings as I build up the details in the layers. I always find it exciting to open the lid, peer inside, and see the unique outcome.

I have completed commissioned pieces for special occasions, businesses, and universities.

My glass work can be found in selected galleries and is sold at various craft fairs and events, details of which can be found on the Events page.

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